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      Powerful Dispoable Tubes

      Legend set out to redefine its disposable tubes by innovating and creating our new model of disposable tubes: the VT-Tubes, popularly known as Potente. We wanted to start fresh, beginning at the drawing board instead of the production factories. After three full years of constant trial and error to perfect the grip design, tube construction, and overall build of our tubes, Potente was finally born in 2017. With an ultra-firm silicone power grip and a robust tubing structure, our disposable tubes revolutionized the industry.

      Powerful Potente Disposable Tubes


      Potente Disposable Tubes Features

      What Makes Potente Tubes the Best in the Game?

      Designed with the purpose to provide a tube that doesn't slide on its grip. Legend Potente Disposable Tubes not only provide a secure tubing structure that's been molded into one piece but also a translucent black silicon power grip that enables steady control for precision tattooing. Our tubes also feature a sturdy, robust strapping that helps bond the tube-grip linkage. It's safe to say that the Legend Potente tubes are a go-to disposable tubes

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      Available in 3 different tip designs: Round, Magnum, and Diamond Tips. Legend Potente tubes are exact fits to our Premium Traditional On-Bar Needles. Also available in 1 inch or 1 1/4 inch power grip sizes. 
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