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      Elevate your game with a serious powerhouse player. For nearly two decades, Legend Rotary has forged a reputation for unmatched quality. Backed by years of experience and driven by a hunger for innovation, we're passionate about creating the most efficient and effective tools possible for our artists.

      Legend Rotary is a company owned and operated by tattoo artists. Our main goal has always been to provide exceptionally fine tattoo machines, high-quality needles, and durable disposable tubes to our customers around the world. Since 2002, Legend Rotary has made sure to put quality above all else, focusing on every detail instead of cutting corners.

      We take pride in what we do by putting an insane amount of passion and effort in providing outstanding products and superior customer service. Our tattoo machines are constructed using first-class materials, sourced from around the world at leading factories. From high grade aircraft aluminum to top-rated Japanese motors, our one of a kind Legend Rotary machines are designed and built to handle the daily pressure and workload of any artist. We stand by our mission of not only providing innovative, versatile machines but also a variety of other products that you can depend on to do what you do best.

      What Makes Us Who We Are

      A Message to Our Artists

      The journey is long and difficult. We understand the hustle and determination needed to succeed in tattooing. We respect the grind and honor the hard work that past artists and industry pioneers have done in paving the way for us. From here on forward, the work that we do must be better than before. Our standards need to be raised. We must capture each opportunity. By doing so, we can unleash our true potential and be legendary forever.