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      Legend Rotary Needles

      Reliably Safe and Effective

      Legend Needle Cartridges and Traditional On-Bar Needles are crafted by industry experts, tested by artists, and backed by some of the world's most renowned tattoo professionals. Since 2002, our focus has and always will be on the quality of our products, but more specifically, on the excellence of our needles.

      As one of the first needle manufacturers in the tattoo industry, we dedicated ourselves to researching and developing the sharpest and most effective needles in the market. Through direct sourcing of materials and prototyping processes, we've built the foundational components to allow our needles to consistently deliver exceptional ink flow every time.

      The Best Materials Only

      Each needle configuration is produced using extremely sharp, flexible needles that are grouped together with the maximum level of precision. All of our needles are produced using 316 medical-grade stainless steel. Conventionally, most needles used for tattooing are manufactured with 304 stainless steel. Instead of following the crowd, we made sure to only use the highest grade of initial materials. In comparison, 316 stainless steel bears a greater resistance to chemical solutions, is more durable, easier to fabricate and to clean than alternative grade steels. Using an intricate process that thoroughly sharpens the 316 stainless steel, Legend Needles are created with the finest taper.

      For our cartridges, each needle also contains an outer casing that helps reduce unnecessary friction between the cartridge tip and the needle grouping. All Legend Cartridge Needles are developed with a needle stabilizing system that ensures a fixed position. In addition, each cartridge includes a complete safety membrane system that prevents any backflow of ink into your machine. The safety membrane also offers a soft, effortless rebound and touch that provides a smooth release of ink onto the skin. All Legend Cartridges and Traditional On-Bar Needles are sterilized using EO Gas and certified for use by professionals to ensure the utmost safety and sanitary measures to you and your clients.


      Committed at Every Step

      The Different Types of Legend Cartridges


      Premium Cartridges LC Type
      The Original Legend Needle Cartridges

      Developed in 2017, the LC-type needles were the original cartridges created by Legend. Constructed using the highest quality of surgical stainless steel, sterilized, and individually packaged, the LC-type cartridges proved to be a force in the industry, providing our artists with an exceptional needle at the lowest price possible. An economic, value-driven option for artists.

      Premium Plus Needle Cartridges
      The Next Generation: Premium Plus

      Premium Plus Cartridges (aka the KC-type cartridges) are an upgraded version of the LC-type cartridges. With an elevated softness of touch, a smoother feel, an innovative tip design, a precise needle point, and increased ink retention, the KC-type cartridges are the perfect option for your next masterpiece.


      Legend Premium Plus Needles Cartridges


      Premium Plus Cartridges KC Type

      PreMade On-Bar Needles

      Legend Traditional On-Bar Needles

      Pristine needle point, flawless soldering, superior stainless steel; increased ink retention. Legend Premium Traditional On-Bar Needles are certified with a sterilization record by state-of-the-art testing facilities and backed by more than 20 years of experience. Available in 1-18 needles sizes from round liners, shaders, flat magnums, curved magnums, and bugpin needles. Our dedication to excellence is only matched by our constant quest to improve ourselves and our products. Being one of the first manufacturers of tattoo needles, Legend has developed a reputation for continuous innovation. Our first needles were produced and tested in 1999. After two years of thorough research and testing, we were finally happy with the quality of our needles. In 2009, we ramped up production. Being a pioneer in the industry, we pushed for perfection in quality and consistency, becoming one of the first manufacturers to produce pre-made tattoo needles using fully automated systems and machinery.


      Premium Traditional Needles